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A bright, precocious, adventurous girl. Her chronological age is less important than her emotional age, which will evolve from pre to post adolescence over the course of her journey. Clear soprano with a strong belt and rock feel.

Vocal Range: G3 – F♯5


A bright, inquisitive boy. Sweet and innocent to start, he grows dark, self-possessed and obsessive as he goes deeper into the world of The Snow Queen. Like Gerda he evolves from pre to post adolescence. Sweet-voiced early, a rock tenor by the end.

Vocal Range: D3 – A4 

The Rose

The superstar of the floral world. She loves to be admired.

Vocal Range: G4 – C5


Kind and caring, she tries to protect the children by keeping them ignorant of the dangers in the world.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Role

The Snow Queen

A force of nature to be reckoned with. Powerful, mercurial, demanding and alluring. She is beautiful, cold and hard, just like her ice and snow. Soprano with a rock feel.

Vocal Range: A3 – B♭5

The Troll

Mischievous, playful, amoral. He is not so much malevolent as he is unfeeling. Baritenor.

Vocal Range: C3 – G4

The River

An elemental force – swirling, powerful and unyielding. He has much to teach. Baritone.

Vocal Range:  B2 – F4

Garden Witch

Needy, cunning and a little dotty. She is powerful yet very scattered. Mezzo.

Vocal Range: A3 – D5


Vain, beautiful, simple-minded and competitive. They love the sun and crave attention. Each has their own unique qualities and they like to talk about them.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Roles

The Old Crow

Noble, forgetful, and aged. He believes he’s much younger than he really is. Speaks like a World War I British flying ace. He wants one more grand adventure. He has the IQ of a bird. Baritenor.

Vocal Range: C3 – F♯4

Lady Crow

His devoted, besotted lady-friend. She also has the IQ of a bird. Mezzo.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Role


An untraditional princess. Geeky and adventurous, she’s always eager to know and learn more. No matter what time of day or night, she seems to be on way too much caffeine. Explosive energy, she is hopelessly in love with The Prince. Mezzo

Vocal Range: B3 – E♭5

A Prince

See Princess. They are a perfect match.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Role

Robber Girl's Mother

Scary and demanding and the leader of the toughest, roughest gang in the woods. She always gets her way – except when her daughter is around.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Role

Robber Gang

Not bright, not well-kept, and awfully loud.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Roles

Robber Girl

She is the scariest tween you’ve ever met. Demanding, hormonal, volatile, half-princess and half-Oger. She confuses fear and love, and seems to know things way beyond her years about what happens in the night. Punk rocker. Strong rock belt.

Vocal Range: B3 -E♭5

The Reindeer

The most noble, honorable beast on the ice. From a royal reindeer family, he is the strong loyal friend you want beside you on any difficult journey. Tenor.

Vocal Range: A♭2 – A4

Two Pigeons

They are birds from the San Fernando Valley. Not very bright and very self-absorbed.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Roles

Woman of the North

Wise, powerful, spiritual – she is both of this world and not of this world. She can see beyond the things of the real world. Mezzo.

Vocal Ranges: A♭3 – C5

Snowflake Soldiers

They are powerful fighters. After Gerda defeats them, we see the children trapped inside that she has released.

Vocal Range: Non-Singing Roles

Note: Non-singing roles may still sing as part of ensemble.