What is the size of the cast and the band?

The cast size is flexible, between 8 and 20 performers. The band will require between 3 and 8 musicians depending on whether actors play instruments. You can learn much more by clicking here.

Who do we contact if we're interested in licensing the show?

For information on producing The Snow Queen at your theater, visit and fill out an application or email and someone will get back to you shortly.

Can you tell me more about who the show is appropriate for?

The show is appropriate for multiple generations. Our intention has been to create a musical accessible for children aged approximately 8 or older, while also exploring the deeper themes of the story so as to engage young adults and adults at a sophisticated level.

We’ve also created a 55-minute (TYA: Theatre for Young Audiences) version for very young children aged 5 and older. This version of the show has already enjoyed successful runs in New York and and Bay Area and has played to well over 12,000 children thus far. You can order perusal copies of the TYA script on our publisher’s website.

What instrumentation is the show scored for?

  • Keyboard 1
  • Keyboard 2 (optional)
  • Bass (acoustic and electric)
  • Drums
  • Guitar 1 (acoustic and electric)
  • Guitar 2 (optional)
  • Violin

Is this show appropriate for school productions, community theater productions, professional productions?

YES!  The show can be tailored in many different ways, from a small-cast professional production with a small rock band, to a high school or community theater production with a larger cast, chorus and larger band.  It’s whatever your imagination wants it to be.

Is The Snow Queen intended only as a holiday show?

No.  While we believe it is a wonderful option to produce in the holiday season alongside more traditional offerings, the show features nothing particular to Christmas or to the holiday season.  Its appeal is timeless and cross-cultural — just like the fairy tale on which it’s based.

What themes does this version of The Snow Queen focus on?

In this adaptation of the fairy tale, we highlight the “coming of age” story of our two heroes — Gerda and Kai.  Their journey in the musical “virtually” takes them through the emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual changes that occur between childhood and young adulthood.  We feel their journeys mirror what we all experience at these pivotal moments of growing up.  We sought to render this period of life with all the humor, insight and love we could muster.

A detailed synopsis of the show can be found here.

Can we hear demos of the music?

Yes. You can hear 30 second clips of some selected songs both here and here.

We are hoping to be able to record an album in a studio setting in the near future. If you are interested in this sign up on the list at the bottom of the page and we’ll let you know when one becomes available.