A New Steampunk Inspired Pop/Rock Musical

adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s fantastical coming-of-age adventure

How far would you go to save a friend?

Dare to enter a world where you encounter singing flowers, mischievous trolls and prattling birds. With an original pop/rock score, alluring ballads, urban steam punk flair and the enigmatic Snow Queen, you’ll soon see that this is not your average bedtime story.

26 New Songs

Catchy contemporary pop/rock score.

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Great Word of Mouth

Great reviews by both audiences and critics!

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Flexible Cast of 8-20 Actors

Band size 3-6. Actors can double on instruments.

For Ages 8 and up

Multi-generational and family friendly.

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Production Photos

Images of the World Premiere production of “The Snow Queen: A New Musical” directed and choreographed by Rick Lombardo. Lighting & projection design by David Lee Cuthbert; costume design by Frances Nelson McSherry; scenic design by Erik Flatmo.

All Photos by Haddon Kime and Kevin Berne

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the cast and the band?

The cast size is flexible, between 8 and 20 performers. The band will require between 3 and 8 musicians depending on whether actors play instruments.

What instrumentation is the show scored for?


  • Keyboard 1 & 2
  • Bass (electric or acoustic)
  • Drums
  • Guitar 1 & 2
  • Violin


  • Viola
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Tubular Bells

Who do we contact if we're interested in licensing the show?

Can you tell me more about who the show is appropriate for?

The show is appropriate for multiple generations. Our intention has been to create a musical accessible for children aged approximately 8 or older, while also exploring the deeper themes of the story so as to engage young adults and adults at a sophisticated level.  We also created a successful 55-minute version for very young children aged 5 and older, already experienced by over 10,000 third graders.

Is this show appropriate for school productions, community theater productions, professional productions?

YES!  The show can be tailored in many different ways, from a small-cast professional production with a small rock band, to a high school or community theater production with a larger cast, chorus and larger band.  It’s whatever your imagination wants it to be. 

Is The Snow Queen intended only as a holiday show?

No.  While we believe it is a wonderful option to produce in the holiday season alongside more traditional offerings, the show features nothing particular to Christmas or to the holiday season.  Its appeal is timeless and cross-cultural — just like the fairy tale on which it’s based.

What themes does this version of The Snow Queen focus on?

In this adaptation of the fairy tale, we highlight the “coming of age” story of our two heroes — Gerda and Kai.  Their journey in the musical “virtually” takes them through the emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual changes that occur between childhood and young adulthood.  We feel their journeys mirror what we all experience at these pivotal moments of growing up.  We sought to render this period of life with all the humor, insight and love we could muster.

Can we hear demos of the music?

This is something that we are working to produce. There will most likely be a Kickstarter campaign in the future for this. Stay tuned.

In the meantime we DO have a few recordings sung by the composer which will give you an idea of the sound of the show.

If you’re a producer who is interested in bringing the show to your theater contact us at licensing@thesnowqueenmusical.com and after you’ve read the script we’ll make sure you get a chance to hear whichever song or songs in which you’re interested.



Haddon Kime's music spans the gamut of contemporary musical style, with shades of RentSpring AwakeningAvenue Q, and Cirque du Soleil, but somehow it all works; the duos and trios are especially lovely. Excellent numbers include "Through You," "Flying," "Never Give Up," "I Want That," and "Here I Am."
Jeanie K. Smith
Theater Critic, Talkin' Broadway
[The Snow Queen] is an exciting and fun show that left a thrilled audience of adults and children in its wake.
Regarding Arts Logo
John Orr
Arts Critic, Regarding Arts.com
“Loved everything about the play! Beautiful singing. Loved the Crow!”
Audience Response #3
It’s a tale of the power of love and friendship dressed in a steam punk vibe and an eclectic rock and roll score.
Robert Sokol
Theater Critic, Edge on the Net
A talented Haddon Kime adds music to create an enchanting “Snow Queen” that tells a story of valor, loyalty and the triumph of love.
Camille Bounds
Theater Critic, Morgan Hill Times
Adapted by Rick Lombardo and Kirsten Brandt, this steampunk fantasy taps into the darkness and mysticism that make this 1845 tale so endlessly alluring. A bewitching fairy tale that also inspired the Disney movie "Frozen," "The Snow Queen" captures the pangs of loss that go hand in hand with coming of age
San Jose Mercury News
Karen D’Souza
Theater Critic, San Jose Mercury News
Haddon Kime's pleasing score flies from punk rock riffs to tender ballads with grace... The music suggests the exuberance and pluck of "Wicked" and "Spring Awakening." The sassy anti-princess anthem "Never Give Up" is a hoot.
San Jose Mercury News
Karen D’Souza
Theater Critic, San Jose Mercury News
"I love live theatre, and The Snow Queen reminded me why. It was funny, warm, surprising…"
Audience Response #1
"Excellent, one of the best productions I’ve seen at San Jose Rep. Absolutely loved it!!”
Audience Response #2

The Creators

Rick Lombardo

Director, Book & Lyrics

Rick Lombardo is currently the Producing Artistic Director of San Jose Repertory Theatre, the flagship professional theatre of Silicon Valley. He was previously the Producing Artistic director for 13 seasons at New Repertory Theatre in Boston, and in 2009 was awarded the Norton Award for Sustained Excellence. He has won awards for his productions of Sweeney Todd, The Clean House, Ragtime, Waiting For Godot and A Streetcar Named Desire. His world premiere production of Bill W and Dr. Bob enjoyed an extended run off Broadway at New World Stages in New York. As a writer, hIs successful adaptations for the stage include A Christmas Carol, along with the musicals Scapin and The Snow Queen.

Kirsten Brandt co-creator of The Snow Queen
Kirsten Brandt

Book & Lyrics

Kirsten Brandt is an award winning playwright, director and producer.  She is the Associate Artistic Director at San Jose Repertory Theatre, where she directed The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Next Fall, Rabbit Hole, Groundswell and Legacy of Light.  She served as the Executive Artistic Director of Sledgehammer Theatre where she directed over a dozen plays and wrote Berzerkergang, Nu and The Frankenstein Project.  Her telematic, multi-site play The Thinning Veil was produced at UCSC. Her adaptation of Ibsen’s The Doll's House (with AC Harvey) premiered at the Old Globe in 2013. Her next project is a new adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

Haddon Kime

Music & Lyrics

Haddon Kime is a composer, songwriter, and sound designer who currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. Other original musical adaptations include Scapin, and A Christmas Carol. Off Broadway credits include The Atheist (with Chris Pine), HaymarketThe Blowin of Baile Gall. Regional credits include By The Way, Meet Vera Stark and Managing Maxine for the Alliance Theatre. A Streetcar Named Desire  and The Pillowman for New Repertory Theatre, and Richard III for Georgia Shakespeare. Haddon is the winner of the 2004 & 2007 IRNE award for best original music/sound design as well as the recipient of a 2009 TANNE Foundation Award for Artistic Excellence.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Below is a list of names of all of the individuals who made a financial contribution (via Kickstarter or otherwise) in order to make it possible for “The Snow Queen” to reach The New York Musical Theater Festival.

  • Tom and Anita Adams
  • Greg Allen-Pickett
  • Phyllis Arnold
  • Blackbird Tavern
  • Amy Baker
  • Kathleen Mitchell Barksdale
  • Linton and June Bishop
  • Thom Blahnik
  • Amanda Bluglass
  • Mark S. Bodnar
  • Brooke A. Bonacorso
  • Jessica Storey Bond
  • Mark Bosch
  • Jennie Brandt-Morales
  • Jamie Brownlee and David Russell
  • Joe and Suzanne Brown
  • Sam Burbank
  • Patricia Burbank
  • Ian Campbell
  • Thomas Carlson
  • Laura M. Cheifetz
  • Jim Chiddix
  • Jessica Cieply
  • Gwen Cleghorn
  • Melanie Cordan
  • Reynolds Couch
  • Ann Cowan
  • Bob and Beth Cunningham
  • Karen Cunliffe
  • Meredith Daniel
  • Mary Davis
  • Deborah Domenie
  • Lynn Hayes Dougherty
  • Pam Driesell
  • Stephen Dubbs
  • Becky Sharp Duncan
  • Eve Eckardt
  • David Ellenstein
  • James and Karen Ellison
  • Gene and Paula Engelgau
  • David Evans
  • Dashiell Evett
  • Stacey Falls and Steve Schnaar
  • Camille Fenton
  • Ariel and Adam Fristoe
  • Jaren Fulwell
  • Rob Garcia
  • Gene Garza
  • Wendy Gill
  • Miriamm Gillitt
  • Barbara Gilman
  • Pete and Jane Givens
  • Heidi Gleason
  • Jack and Helen Graham
  • Carl Grey
  • Richard and Debbie Griffiths
  • Jason Grossman
  • Linda Gunneson
  • Vivian Guthrie
  • Mike and Joan Heazel
  • Michael Halbersta

  • Michael Halberstam
  • Michael Hall
  • Tim Hall and Marcy Crary
  • Todd Michael Hall
  • Barbara Haythorn
  • Trace Haythorn and Mary Stoops
  • Lynn and Ralph Heiden
  • Philip and Carolyn Hite
  • Tim Homsley
  • Darlene Hooks-Hutto
  • Hanna Hope
  • Leah and Bill Horton
  • Ron Hutchins
  • Tracey Hughes
  • Clay Hysell
  • Emily Intersimone
  • Michael Isip
  • Sarita Johnson-Frederick
  • Bill and Evelyn Jones
  • Laura Lee Juliano
  • Lyndsy Kail
  • Kimberly Kay
  • James and Negar Safapour Kime
  • Ron Kime
  • Susan Kime
  • Gregory King
  • Rosemary Kittrell
  • Paul Kochis
  • Kenneth E. Kovacs
  • Tracy Klusza
  • Landry Chris LaZich
  • David Lewicki and Beth Waltemath
  • Terry and Kimberly Ligocki
  • Cathy Lyons and Chad Zaemisch
  • Wickes MacColl
  • Carol Craighill and Brent Marchbanks
  • Jeannine Marquie
  • Ruth and Paul Marston
  • John Paul Marston
  • Elizabeth Martin
  • Mary Martin
  • Sarah and Donnie McCaslin
  • Charlie McCollum
  • Petra Milde
  • Ammer Mockus
  • Jennie Brandt-Morales and Miguel Morales
  • Drue and Michael Murman
  • Vincent Murphy
  • Jake and Abby Myers
  • Kirsten Nash
  • Laura Nikstad and Daniel Tyx
  • Margaret Aymer Oget
  • Christopher A. Patz
  • Stephen Pyne
  • Lee Ann Payne
  • Jane Pfitsch
  • Richard and Grace Powers
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  • Cathy Enright and Walton Reeves
  • Margaret and Bob Reiser
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  • Mike Rhone
  • Roseli Dias Ribeiro
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  • Nancy Shepard
  • Andrew and Sheila Shepard
  • John and Peggy Shepard
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  • Mark and Jennifer Soucy
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  • Esther and Jim Stokes
  • Pam Stoops
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  • Yamil Suarez
  • Sheila Sullivan
  • Maeve Swain
  • Debbie Cohn Terman
  • Tom and Suzanne Tewell
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