CREDITS: Flying: Eryn Murman (Gerda) Jason Hite (The Old Crow), Lee Ann Payne (Ensemble), Janice Engelgau (Ensemble), Tim Homsley (Ensemble), Summer C. Lattimer (Ensemble), and Cindy Im (Ensemble); Aurora: Rhett George (Reindeer); Never Give Up: Cindy Im (Princess), Eryn Murman (Gerda), Lee Ann Payne (Ensemble), Janice Engelgau (Ensemble), Tim Homsley (Ensemble), and Summer C. Lattimer (Ensemble); Gone: Tim Homsley (Kai) and Eryn Murman (Gerda); Breathe: Lee Ann Payne (Wise Woman of the North), Rhett George (Reindeer) and Eryn Murman (Gerda); Here I Am; Eryn Murman (Gerda) and Tim Homsley (Kai); The End (Eternity) Lee Ann Payne (Ensemble), Janice Engelgau (Ensemble), Tim Homsley (Ensemble), Summer C. Lattimer (Ensemble), Cindy Im (Ensemble), Jomar Martinez (Enseble), Jane Pfitsch (Ensemble), Eryn Murman (Ensemble), and Tim Homsley (Ensemble.)

Below is a list of current songs and musical numbers in “The Snow Queen: A New Musical.”

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  1. Just Like You – Full Cast
  2. Up Here – The Rose, Gerda and Kai
  3. Once Upon a Time  – Gerda and Kai
  4. So Far Away – Snow Queen & Kai
  5. The Real Reality  – Troll & Company
  6. That’s Not My Best Friend  – Gerda
  7. You Are Mine  – Kai, Snow Queen
  8. Gone – Gerda, Kai & Company
  9. Into the River –  Gerda, River & Garden Witch
  10. Through You – Gerda & Garden Witch
  11. Kiss Me Again (Reprise) – Kai
  12. Kiss You To Death – Snow Queen & Kai
  13. Alone Together – Kai & Gerda
  14. Flying – Gerda, Old Crow and Full Company
  1. Never Give Up – Princess & Company
  2. Crow Says Goodbye – Old Crow
  3. I Want That – Robber Girl
  4. Equations – Kai
  5. Balance – Snow Queen
  6. Suddenly a Stranger – Gerda & Kai
  7. Aurora – Reindeer
  8. Breathe – Woman of the North, Gerda & Reindeer
  9. Here I Am – Gerda & Kai
  10. Gerda Saves Kai – Gerda, Kai & Snow Queen
  11. The End (Eternity)  – Full Company
Below is a list of musical numbers for the Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) version of The Snow Queen: A New Musical



  1. Up Here
  2. Once Upon A Time
  3. So Far Away
  4. The Real Reality
  5. You Are Mine
  6. Gone
  7. The Witch and The River
  8. Through You
  9. Flying
  10. Never Give Up
  11. I Want That
  12. Breathe
  13. Battle of the Snowflake Army
  14. Here I Am
  15. Gerda Saves Kai
  16. The End (Eternity)